Temperature Incorrect

I have set up KWGT to use weather.com as my weather provider. I am using the standard formula of $wi(temp)$. The problem is KWGT consistently is showing about a 10 degrees Fahrenheit difference between what weather.com reports on the web and what the widget shows. Forcing an update makes no difference. My location is accurate per the GPS and the "Force Update" screen. I'd rather have no info than incorrect info, but I'd REALLY rather have the right info. Help!

Hi, unfortunately it might be caused by Kustom incorrectly reverse geocoding your location, having GPS working is not enough, Kustom then tries to map a City based on those coordinates and queries the provider checking if a station nearby is available, probably is getting the wrong one. If you force update the weather and just after send me an email ([email protected]) with the debug dump mentioning this thread i will look into it.

Hi, same issue here! Geolocation is perfect but then it selects the wrong station. Real location is "Wien", selected station "Wienau" is not anywhere near. I am using weather.com as the forecast provider.

I had the same issue and I was surprised how much it bugged me to see the small difference in temperature, in my case it was just 1°C. One workaround which might work for you if the difference is always consistent, is to add that difference to the formula. So in my case I added a +1 and no more headaches. Example: $wi(temp)+1