Tasker to Kustom Occasionally Not Functioning

I’m still having issues with KWLP and KWGT not receiving data from Tasker. It happens frequently and “fixes” itself, but hours later the problem returns. It’s irritating to say the last. No matter how many times I kill Kustom the widgets and wallpaper remain posted. I’ve restarted my launcher I don’t know how many times and it doesn’t really matter which launcher I use. The Send Variable action works without error, but the info in Kustom remains unchanged.

Battery optimization is off and everything else Tasker does works fine.

Im replying as a feedback. Im sending from Tasker to kwgt variables about nfc and “donotdisturb” being on or off and it works reliably the last 2 months

I have a xiaomi m10t lite phone, android 12, miui 13 and AIO launcher