System Partition +

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I'm new to Kustom Widget and I've looked though the FAQs but can't find an answer.

How what string do I use to display the free space left in my "systen" partition?

I would like to display it in GB (gigabytes if possible)

I would also like to display my storage free space in GB's as well, (I have found how to have it in mb).

The other thing I would like to do is stretch my text horizontally. Is this possible?

I have a bug report in that there is an issue in that the text for the WiFi SSID changes between the correct SSID and unknown SSID. This has only happened since updating to Android 8.1 (also happens in Zooper since 8.1...)

My device is a Nexus 6p, currently on Android 8.1.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.

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1. free space of system partition

$rm(fsfree, "/system"$MB

$tc(cut(rm(fsfree, "/system"/1024,4))$GB

2. stretching text horizontally

Text morphen → ratio

3. the thing with the ssid

I noticed this too; same device + OS version