Syncing problem

Galaxy watch 6 i got it reset.
Just to make sure its ok. No restoration i have done.
Still up 2 now, im having syncing problem between my s23 ultra. And the watch.
Working ok on the phone. Shows no problems. But not on the watch. Or 0 answer like whatsapp. The battery arc is not moving on the watch.
Looks like the sync to the watch is not working.
Like Battery arc , whatsapp notification, calendar events notification…
Complications are responding now for some reason…
I even uninstall the KWCH APP, AND REINSTALL BACK.
no luck.
Thank you.

This is actually a known issue. At the moment, the phone app does not sync via Bluetooth with the watch. This is being worked on though. To display data on the watch itself, it’ll be best to use complications for now.

Ok, thank you so much.
I didn’t know sorry.
Thanks for the reply.