Sync Problems on Watch

I’ve been absolutely glued to KWCH for the past few days - it’s powerful enough for me to finally recreate my favorite watchface that, for reasons I won’t bother getting into yet (at least until it’s finished!) was ruined by its developers. However, I’m running into a few problems - namely, it looks beautiful on my phone, but updates seem to be hit or miss on my watch. I programmed in an AOD shift to counter the issues with screen retention on the GW4/5/6/Pixel Watch, and it seems to not update while in ambient mode. Also, more jarringly, the weather updates don’t seem to be happening at regular intervals (or at all) on the watch. I can look at the exact same watchface on my phone and watch and have totally different weather data on each (phone is right, watch is way old). Additionally, any time I pull the current location from GPS on the watch, all of my weather data vanishes.

I know it’s early days, and I’m so excited about the possibilities of this watch creator - it’s by far the most robust I’ve seen, outside of these issues. Anyone know a way to get around these? I’m on WearOS 4 with a GW4 Classic, if that matters.

Have the same issues, on GW4 wear os 4.0

Gave up developing on this platform for a while until these issues get fixed. Battery drain is also not great, imagine it could get even worse once the sync issues are fixed …