SVG rendering still broken in 3.37

Originally reported that SVG rendering was partially broken about 3 months ago ..

.. but didn't get any kind of response or acknowledgement, so I sat back and waited for the next release with the hope that it might be fixed anyway. Just got the 3.37 update and the issue is still present - font directives are ignored and &#x????; style entities are not rendered.

Link to the SVG in question (it's generated dynamically, so will be subtly different on each fetch) ..

AFAICS, the SVG is valid ( reports no errors). It renders correctly in chrome and firefox on desktop and mobile. It used to render correctly in KWGT until the 3.36 release.

I realise that it's not a show-stopper, but I would be grateful if it could be fixed .. or for any suggestions that I could try at my end to get the SVG rendering correctly again.


It still hasn't been fixed in version 3.48