Svg path crash the appwhen it ends in number

if a svg path, for example h 100 v 100 z 67, it crashes the app. I haven’t test thoroughly but it seems it crashed when it ends in z followed by number.

Note, usually if there’s an unexpected character it just not renders the path past that point. So h 100 g v 100 z 67 will just render h 100. Also, not sure about this but since you said you add z at the end of svg path it might be the cause since having just one point then z returns an error?

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Thank you for bringing this up. Was able to reproduce this. Will report an internal ticket.

I checked this and its a bug in the SVG library i am using, what is the point of having a number after closing a shape?

for testing purposes. :sweat_smile:. I use lots of formula in SVG so just put random letters if I need to show only parts of it. Sometimes I also put global that I need at the end so I can check it easily. Maybe it’s not a good coding practice, but it makes debugging much faster.

To be fair It’s easily avoidable, and I haven’t encounter this again.