Suggestions 4 KLWP

* KLWP 1.) How about U add multi-ways 2 have slideshow options added 2 KLWP in the background of the custom live wallpaper. Like random images that the user has selected (photo galleries & social apps) 2 be placed randomly all over the screen, in uniform scrolling (up, down, left & right), etc & etc (it's all up 2 U). W/ different style options like Polaroids, film tape etc & etc that can be changed easily & quickly from 1 to the next. + the screen can be paused if battery is draining 2 quickly or any image can be selected 2 looked @ full screen (only can happen if nothing is obstructing the selection wanted such as a widget, an app, a shortcut & etc) & such?

2.) Could U please add away where the homescreen(s) & the lockscreen(s) R exactly the same, but nothing can be changed & no apps can be accessed on the lockscreen(s) until U open the device (all U can do is look @ the artwork U've done or put 2gether & update the widgets W/ the device locked)

3.) Please add an always on screen(s) option W/ the same or different widgets as the homescreen(s) & lockscreen(s) except 4 the background which will always be always black 2 save significant battery life (everybody's different, so should be there always on screens!!!)

Is any1 going 2 reply cause these R great ideas if U would give them a chance?