Sudden battery drain

Hi there,

I am experiencing this apparently sudden and significant battery drain with klwp (ie unless the system wrongly detects klwp consumption) on android 6.0.1. I have indeed used the app to import a new theme, the whole process took perhaps a few minutes.

I don't usually monitor the battery consumption, I just happened to be looking at it and noticed the numbers. I will keep an eye on this though just in case it occurs again.

Any idea on whether there's something I can do to improve this, other than rebooting device?



This is a bit strange, can you please install a good battery monitor like GSAM and see what kind of results you have with that? I also need to understand which preset you are using but first check with GSAM because your readings might not be correct.

Thanks for your reply.

I think in the meantime, I might've gotten closer. I was also profiling my device, especially background battery consumption with trepn and got similar results.

However, I think it's not klwm per se but a specific theme as I imported a previous one that didn't get same battery draining?

I will have to troubleshoot some more and will use gsam as well.



If its a specific preset you can email me the preset at [email protected] and i will try to understand whats wrong with that and if i can improve the app to make it less battery hungry