Status bar on top

I am not sure if anyone asked this before, I googled a lot for it. no one even mentioned it, it seems I am the only one facing it.

I need to change the color of the status bar, I am able to achieve this on home screen, but whenever another app opens, the app color is on top of KLWP status bar color, but the main icons are still there.

other apps do that like "Color Status Bar" or "Material Design Tasker", so it is not a system limitation.

I have Galaxy S8+ running Marshmallow.

How can I do this.

Hi👍😃 Klwp is a Live Wallpaper, don't have access to the System of your phone, that said, sadly you don't have an option to put nothing over the apps, like your status bar. It's like one static wallpaper, are to be ever behind other apps.