Stacked group: Multiplicator setting for contained elements



there are many use-cases where you have a stacked group that contains multiple copy-and-paste sub-elements.

Current Solution:

For example, the agenda widget example says: "copy and paste first day to add more days".

Thanks to $si(mindex)$, these kinds of elements allow several use cases (forecast, agenda, notifications, ...).

Downside of Current Solution:

The downside of this approach is: when you change anything inside an element, you 1. need to select all other copy-pasted elements 2. delete them 3. copy the edited element 4. paste it multiple times.

Improvement & Feature Request:

I would find it incredibly useful if the stacked group had a "multiplicator" setting.

This setting could simply treat the elements inside this group as they would appear multiple times.

Example how to use the Improvement:
For example, a 5-Day weather forecast would then use a stacked group and a single "day" element inside this stacked group. Setting the stacked group's multiplicator to "5" would treat it as if there are 5 "day" elements.