Stack group text blurring

I am adding all my apps vertically to a stack group..probably about 50ish..

**Update....on my tablet, it starts to degrade at 35, over 60, it's pretty bad...if I then change margin to -15, so that they end up overlapping, it is perfectly crisp again..**

After about 35, the text gets slightly blurry to the point where it's not too readable on small text.

Top left of screenshot shows a small separate menu greyed out which is nice and crisp..text below it starting at "All apps (LL app drawer)" almost's the same font and size as top line "Profile"..

text from "All apps" down, is in a stack which is in root as it's animated.

*It has been like this for a long time, originally reported on G+ over a yr ago. :)

Hi John :) Still rocking that setup? I remember you working on it for years :D

Anyway just found the same issue but with different conditions. And I've been able to find an easy way to reproduce it:

Just place a text inside a layer and add a transparent shape into it. When you increase the size of the shape beyond your device size the text will start to get blurry on the edges. It affects all the elements in that layer.

Don't know if it's intended or not, Frank would have to speak up.

Yes, still have the issue with song lyrics, good catch!