Spotlight Globals!

Why there is still zooper around? An app dismissed two years ago?

I'm a skin creator, my app is good, has many globals settings but I see that widgets apps for Zooper have 10 times and more downloads than for Kwgt. So I tried Zooper and I have understood the reason.

Kwgt is awesome for nerds and developers but has a problem: normal users don't understand it. They want just a nice widget, simple. On this point of view Zooper (and xwidgets, etc..) has a better UI. But..

But kwgt is the best. It has Globals!

I think that user, after open Kwgt and choose a preset, should have a (cool, simple) basic interface showing only widget preview and globals with only an advanced button (switch, or some else) to go to the current interface.

There are packs for Zooper with 50+ preset where the big part are the same widget with another color.

Thank you

Genoma Design

Something like this, or set Global as first tab