Something went wrong

After recent update I cannot use KWGT on my degoogled phone (with MicroG). It writes: Something went wrong. Check that Google Play is enabled on your device and that you're using an up-to-date version before opening the app. This pop-up right after I open KWGT.

It was working great until update.

I also have pro version (separate app "Pro Key") buyed a long time ago.

Any help? Thanks.

Seconded. I just bought pro keys for all three components, and then had to go download old versions in order to use the software on my microG device. The old versions work fine, but it'll be a shame if I'm stuck at an old version forever.

@shumafuk: You can download the old 3.58 versions from APKPure and they will run fine with microG.

Is there a way to remove Dependence's on google play. I purchased pro kwgt, but it does not work. I start up the app and after a few seconds a message is displayed on the screen. Saying something went wrong. Please check the play store is enabled. But I don't use the play store on this device.

How to remove this message?

Looking forward to a resolution.


Downloading lower versions do not work for me