Some notification icons broken, ever since switch for Pixel 2.

I have a pre-built KLWP that I used on my S8 and when I got alerts from apps it would show that apps icon or that contacts picture if it was a text. But I switched to the Pixel 2 XL and now it doesn't do it for some things like Gmail, Google Now updates and a few others. Texts still show up correctly. Any ideas? I attached a screens hot to show. On my s8 that would show Gmail's icon.

That icon works only if the notification is currently present on the device notification list, are you sure it is still there when you are not able to see the icon?

The icon is there, that box only shows notifications if there's one present in the tray. Otherwise it shows my next calendar event and next alarm.

Ok, and the notification in the tray has the image?

Yup it's there. It won't let me directly reply to you though