SiriusXM & Music Player?

So I had a general music player widget where I could use several music apps and it would show the album artwork, artist name, yatta yatta. Well now all of a sudden the Sirius app icon I created with the touch action to open the app - doesn’t work. When I open the app via the app drawer and play music, nothing shows in the player. When I went into the General Settings, Sirius is not even in the list of preferred music players… I believe Sirius did just update their app, so that could be the issue - but is there anything on Kustom’s end that could/would need to be changed or updated to fix this? or is it just RIP to being able to use Sirius in conjunction with Kustom products? :disappointed_relieved::face_exhaling:

The list of players is auto-detected and not manually generated. To be on the list, the music players to comply with the Android standard. You may want to talk to the developer of the music player first if this works with other music players.

Thank you! I’m guessing then that the SiriusXM app must not meet the Android standard? I know the list of music players is not manually generated. Just was saying SiriusXM was in the list prior, all working fine and dandy - now it’s not, so I checked the list, and noticed it was no longer there - meaning something must’ve changed. I had the music widget set up to open the Sirius app when I touched the corresponding icon, it no longer opens that way. I have to go into the app drawer and open the app. I tried a few other music widgets I have and none seem to work with Sirius, as far as reflecting what music is currently playing in the Sirius app. :sweat: I will see if I can get any kid of response from Sirius devs, it may be a bug since I think the app was newly updated. Just wasn’t sure if it was only me that was having the issue, or if anyone else had the same issue. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Something must have changed with the update. Keep us posted.

…No response from Sirius. My phone doesn’t even recognize that the com.sirius package is what is currently playing. Is this the issue with it not being “android standard”? When I pull down the top menu it says “This phone” and has album artwork and the artist, etc, so you’d think it’s pulling that from somewhere, but KWGT does not reflect this in the widget. I don’t know how to get my system or KWGT to recognize that Sirius is the current package playing? Not sure if that is the issue with android standard? I don’t necessarily know what that means, or how I can find out for sure? :sweat:

So… I’m using the workaround of pulling the persistent system notification to show song/artist for Sirius, and using ni(bicon) for the album artwork, but the image is pixelated. Is there any way to fix this or to pull the album art from a different source? :face_exhaling: mi(cover) does not work because Sirius is no longer recognized as a music player, thus any music info or status is not reflected with any of the mi-codes.