Simulated BG Scroll animator OR action based on list variable direction.

I'd love to have a simulated BGscroll animation option. I've run into a couple scenarios where the animation I want is like paging on my launcher but I don't want my launcher to actually change pages. Being able to touch an element to have it trigger an animation that acts as if you changed pages would be a huge help.

In my head it would act like nova actions(jump to page X) so I could create an animation like this:

ReactOn: Sim BG Scroll

Action: Scroll

Rule: Center

Center: Sim Screen 3

And then have a touch action:

Kustom Action

Jump to Sim Screen 3(or Sim Page Up or Down)

You'd have to have somewhere to specify how many virtual pages exist as well. I'd think another icon on the right of the preview where you already set page counts might work.

Another solution that would work would be knowing which direction you moved in a list variable. If I'm on list index 2 and touch to change the variable to list index 0 then my direction would be negative. That would allow someone to switch the animator from scroll to scroll_inverted and achieve the same effect I think.

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.In the OP, I see a technical challenge to have both "real" swipe and "virtual" swipes. together But if you decide to base it on a touch action only, that's already feasible (if I understood your post properly):

You need

  • A global text where you store the current page
  • Two button + and - where you change the value of the page global (+/-)
  • For each page, two animations:
    • Move towards the right if the page number is strictly bigger than the global page counter
    • Move towards the left if the page number is strictly smaller than the global page counter

Check this one out:



The file you linked doesn't seem to be a valid KLWP file. Just a zip with a .project file inside. I renamed it .klwp and imported it just in case I was wrong but it didn't work.

How do you make something move right or left based on comparison? I understand the if statement involved but it would have to be set to scroll or scroll inverted and falls apart when you try to page more than once, or if you jump from page 2 to page 5 for instance.

The theme I'm building where this became a problem is a one page theme with panels that scroll back and forth based on the header tab selected. There are no pages to compare, si(screen) will always return 1 in that scenario.


Yup, sorry for the link, my bad. I've updated what I had done in the editor before my previous post.

I'll try the "jumping" later and let you know if I find anything.



Alright, here we go:

This is the first test I did yesterday which worked in the Editor but not on the actual screen. I reckon I must have done something wrong with the si(mindex) because in this version

Where I replace all the si(mindex) by actual numbers, it works just fine...

I've tried to jump pages and indeed the animations are all moving at the same time. I din't have time to investigate but I'm sure with a little loop or something equivalent we could have 3 successives +1 to jump 3 pages...



Close to the functionality I was looking for but the pages still overlap during the animation if you jump more than one page at a time. See how the panels move at ~4:33 in this video?

That's what I'm trying to recreate.

Try this one...

That's all for me on this topic. Now I can go look for a way to click through a widget...