Simple "Color Toggle" Shape?

Hello. I want to create a simple shape on my homescreen, with one simple purpose. Touch the widget, and the widget turns red. Touch it again, it turns green. So it just toggles, back and forth. Three/four colors would be even better, but 2 would suffice. (This is to quickly set a "reminder" for myself.)

I know this would be an easy thing to do, if I learned KWGT - and I am starting to learn it. But I want to create this widget ASAP.

Do you know where a similar widget exists? Or how I can create it? Or point me to a resource/video which teaches something similar?


You need to create a Global switch in the globals of the widget, name it, colo, for example

and then you need to go to the Paint>Color of the shape, tap in the square in the right of Color then tap in the calculator in the top right of the editor and in the calculator in Color to open the formula editor and then put this formula


then tap in the tick in the top right of the editor to save the formula

this use white and black code colors, you can change this colors for the code of the color that you want.

Then you need to add a touch action in the shape,



Toggle global switch


when you tap in the shape this are going to altenate the colors that you want

Worked perfectly. Thank you!


Ok sir it works. But how to add more than 2 colours. I need to add 4 colours.