Si(rheight) showing as -1 after exporting the preset

After altering some elements position and scale values with a formula involving si(rheight) and exporting the preset, so(rheight) no longer displays the correct number.


I just purchased KWGT and have exactly the same problem.

It used to work correctly, but after some edits now in all the formulas si(rheight) shows as value -1.

Could you please help?


Unfortunately this was so long ago that I don't remember even having this problem. I must have resolved it somehow however because I use si(height) currently and it works just fine. Knowing me I probably shut down and restarted my phone or something like that to fix it. Sorry I can't be of further help.

Thank you for your kind answer.

After rebooting it still doesn't work, any chance to receive an answer also from the developer in this thread?