si(darkmode) always returns 1

Using the Essential Phone with Android 10, the recently introduced function si(darkmode) always returns 1, independant of in which state the system Dark Mode acually is. This makes it impossible to adapt the color of the widget depending on the system theme.

The KWLP app itself is able to adapt to the theme change and shows in either light or dark mode depending on the system. See the attached screenshots for comparison

I don't know if this is considered fixed, but just to confirm I'm still experiencing this on OP5, both HavocOS and crDroid roms

I also have been having this problem. When I change my phone to dark mode the theme will change to the dark mode setting. However when I disable the dark mode the theme stays in dark mode and does not change back to light mode. The only way is to change the code to get it back to the light theme.

For example with the background this is the code I am using:

$if(si(darkmode), gv(bgdark), gv(bglight))$

This is on KLWP.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 10 with Nova launcher.

Has there been any update on this? I am still experiencing the problem.

No update that I'm aware of, still experiencing the same problem.