Shutdown app after stop playing

Hi Guy's,

I use xiialive pro to play radio. Is there a way to close the app when I stop playing. If I stop playing the app stay running in te background.


No you cannot do this with Kustom, in general this is not possible in Android starting from 5.x without special permissions and should not be necessary if the application is well written.

Hi Frank,

Again thanks for your clear Answer. So if this is not possible maybe you have an Idea to solve the following.

I have Xiilalive and Poweramp as my radio and music app. These App's are started by a button on my wallpaper. On the wallpaper there are also a few button to control the audio. (Play/pause, next etc) All working fine. The control focus is shifting with the active player (As is should) Only if I play radio and switch over to Poweramp. the problem is that when I press the stop button, the Xiialve app becomes the active player after a few seconds (Still active in the background). I believe this has something to do with the music control in KLWP. It's a play/pause command I believe.Power amp is seeing this pause as stop and Xiialive is actually pausing.

It's a bit difficult to explain as I'm not native english speaking, so I hope you have an idea what's happening.

Thanks !!!

In Kustom you can clear notifications on touch so maybe (MAYBE) if you both pause and CLEAR the notifications on touch that might close the player.

Just a totale different aproach...... Is there a way tot change the audio focus (active audio app) without starting the app? So when I press the play button the Choosen app starts playing.

No, thats also not possible yet unless you craft a specific Intent URI for that and launch it on touch