Showing next tide?

Is there a way to show a text item from a list based on the current time? I'm using wg to pull tidal information for my location, and I would like to be able to display "Next Tide: information for next tide". I already have all the information in another section of the widget, but I can't figure out how display the correct tide as the day goes on.

For example, today the tides are at 1:20am, 7am, 11:20am, and 6:30pm. Before 7am but after 1:20, I'd like to show the information for the 7am tide. Then once it passes, show 11:20am, ect. Any ideas?

Thank you!


So you cannot have formulas as list indexes, if the data is a JSON you can always loop through the JSON then checking the date but its fairly complex, you can use DP to create dates, so for example $dp(7h)$ will return today at 7AM so then you can check if its in the future or not by doing $if(df(S) > dp(7h), date passed, date in the future)$

Thank you!! Looks like I'll have to figure out another way... that seems like it's a bit beyond my abilities