Show only calendar entries with notifications

It would be nice to be able to only display the next calendar event that has a notification enabled. If the event occurs on a fixed time, a countdown would be great (for example: Event z in n hours)

If you can explain a little what do you mean on "event that has a notification enabled" is best to understand what you want.

In the other point, you can have a countdown to all of the events that you want, you need to use this formula


this give to you a countdown to the second event.

In google calendar you can define events that have notifications (push, email) and events that will just show up in the calendar without notifying you.

Many of my events are of informative nature for which I don't have notifications enabled (holidays for example) other events have notifications enabled to make sure I am reminded of them (birthdays for example). I would like to only show these Important events on my lockscreen, otherwhise it would be cluttered with unimportant stuff