Show next calendar start time if event in less than 30 mins


I am interested in creating a text that shows the start time of time of the next calendar event if that event is within the next 30mins.

Thank you in advance


Hi! So, the formula should be something like this:

$if(tf(ci(start, 0), M) < 30, df(hh:mm, ci(start, 0)))$

It will write the next calendar event (both all day or not) start time as "hh:mm" if the event happens in less than 30 mins.

Let's break it down to understand it:

  • ci(start, 0) is the start of the event date
  • tf(ci(start, 0), M) will show time to next calendar event in minutes (the capital M will show minutes even if they exceed 1 hour)
  • df(hh:mm, ci(start, 0)) shows the next calendar event as hh:mm
  • if(condition, text) shows the text only if condition is met

Hope it helps!