Shorcut is not working in KLWP


I have 3 phones using KLWP 3.23b708116 and Nova launcher 5.1-beta2 as following.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Android 7.0 - stable)

XIaomi MAX (Android 6.0.1 - stable)

Xioaomi Redmi 4X (Android 7.0 - Manufacturer beta rom)

My phones are installed KLWP, but shortcut is not working in Redmi 4X

I had purchased yesterday it, and I did factory reset and install Android 7.0 Nougat which manufacturer(Xiaomi) beta rom.

After that, I did installed Nova launcher and KLWP.

And then, I do make a shortcut in KLWP. However shortcut is not working. I try to touch again and again, does not work. just feedback vibration.

I have ever experience about this problem in Xiaomi MAX via custom rom which applied Android 7.0

So I did re-install Android 6.0.1 in Xiaomi MAX, and then try it again. Working is normally in Android 6.0.1.

Please fix it.

Which shortcut? Maybe the shortcut you mapped to the touch area doesnt exist in that ROM. Can you try selecting the shortcut again and saving? Is the shortcut displayed in the list of available ones?

I try to map again my app on shortcut and than do saving, but it is not working.

Shortcut is in the list of available one when I try to map the app.

Ok then it might be device specific, i need you to create a dull Android Bug Report as explained in the "Android Bug Report" section here:

Please reproduce the problem first (so touch the shortcut that doesnt work a couple of times than generate that and send it to [email protected] mentioning this thread)

I have the same problem, please help

Please follow the steps suggested below