Shapes visible in editor are not visible on home screen

I have a preset with no clipping and no animations. There are 4 shapes in the root with a few overlap groups on top. Although all 4 are visible in the editor, only 2 are visible on the home screen. Curiously, if the shapes are offset past a certain point, they appear in both places. I have a Nexus 6P with Oreo and stock everything, no root. I have attached screenshots and the preset if it will allow it. The preset is a modified version of the Chameleon color extracting wallpaper.

Are those shapes very big? Means bigger than screen and then rotated?

1000px square on a 45° angle and they don't become visible until at least 750px are off screen.

Yeah this is a known bug, working on this but likely not on 3.27, when 3 corners of a shape are off screen its hidden

Ah, I see now. I kept trying to reduce size to fix it, but they were showing back up when the corners came into view. Thanks!