Set up

Hi. I'm a real beginner and I don't know zilch. First out, I saw your klwp on YouTube (5 Beautiful One Screen Set Ups 2016 and it looks good. I bought the A2K Presets For Custom/LLWP for £1.29. Now, do I need to buy individual themes as well? If I get over that hurdle, I think you have more videos on setting up. They still look very daunting for me I have to be honest. I may have to say now no more, and leave well alone. Kind regards. Tim Marshall

If you have KLWP free you can check in the "Featured TAB" in the loading screen, there you can find quite a lot of presets that are available for free on the store and load on KLWP free too. If you have pro then check out the G+ gallery or look on the Play Store there are TONS of free packs, you dont need to but them. A2K is great because it contains hundreds of presets.

Thank you for responding. Tim Marshall