Serious Issue Again: Deleted Everything !!

I'm so close to throw my phone against the wall..

I just opened KLWP and KLCK to see if they work and *boom* the whole kustom folder got deleted, thank you very much

Now everything I did ever with kwgt, fonts, icons, bitmaps, autosave, backups, Komponents is gone for good, even folders that have no relationship to kustom and just are inside the kustom folder. It clearly deleted just the whole folder.

Very frustrating to say the least, especially as this happens way to often

100% a permission error in the OS, but why on earth do you first delete the folder and than recreate it?

PLS !! Make a backup BEFORE your code starts creating a new directory or better before doing anything what touches the kustom folder, it cannot be that some random action deletes Everything

The whole purpose of kustom is to edit on the fly, if I need to create this on a pc with regular automatic backups, I wouldn't need Kustom I would write just write my own damn widget