Serious bug in KWGT 3.52b104016

I want to report a very serious bug in the last version of KWGT Pro 3.53b104016

I have been using KWGT for a long time now and have created a very complex widget that is on my home screen.

(see Screenshot in the attachment).

I give my widget version numbers like v1.2, v1.3 etc.

Okay, about the bug.

I edit my widget, save it, and export it to a higher version number and then import it again. (I hope some day KWGT will have a normal "save as" function 🤔).

When I save and close the editor I see my changes in the widget on the home screen so all seems to be okay.

But in version 3.53b after fifteen minutes or so the widget spontaneously reverts back to the previous state or version!!

It is hard to tell because despite the cool new loader window, KWGT still doesn't show the name of the current widget.

Another bug that I experienced in 3.53b is that the widget stops updating (even the clock stops) and only a reboot of android helps (temporarily).

KWGT version 3.52 worked fine. Is there a place where I can download older versions?

I hope this can be fixed soon because as of now, editing anything is a waste of time.



By the way, despite my personal gripes with the save function and having no indication of which widget is currently being used, I am very pleased with KWGT and wrote a five star review after I bought it.

The 5 stars are still well deserved but if it is at all possible, could you please consider a "Save as" function and a current widget name indication?