Scrolling on nova emui 8

I have done everything in the faq but scrolling still doesn't work on nova launcher, I am on the nova beta so this could be the problem if so how do I uninstall it it just sais deactivate on the play store

Here you have an explanation from Frank Monza in how to make scroll in Emui 8

This didn't work

Oohhh , you have this problem before?

Do you find the icon in the Emui launcher to make the scroll?

How many pages you have in the preset?

You set in Nova Launcher the same number of pages that you have in the preset?

I see a post in the G+ community four days ago with the same problem in the Emui 8 beta, the user don't report if he solve the problem. Maybe is this the problem, or like you said the beta of Nova Launcher.

If you want to uninstall your Nova beta, you need to go to the Playstore and in your aplications you have your beta aplications, tap in beta and in Nova launcher and you have information on how to opt out of the beta channel.

This is my first time using Klwp

Ahh ok👍 . First off, you need to make your Emui launcher scroll, if not, the Klwp are not going to scroll. You need to find the icon in the Emui launcher to make it scroll, you find it?