Scrolling issue, but then it got worse.

I'm new to all this, but I found a theme I just had to have. I'm poor so I didn't pay for prime, but I looked at a DIY page and put it together. Everything looks fine while it's inside of KLWP, but as soon as I try to set it as the home screen it only shows part of it, and it won't let me scroll. I downloaded nova launcher to try to fix the issue, I set the wallpaper scrolling to forced, but it had no effect, so I read some comments on here telling me to switch wallpapers and switch back, now there is no wallpaper, just a blank, black background and no matter how many times I try I can't fix it. You don't have to solve my entire issue, just help me with one part, (preferably the scrolling issue) I can always remake the wallpaper if I have to. ::::

In fact, after further investigation, none of the wallpapers I try to set through klwp even show up anymore, all of them are just black screens

I re-downloaded KLWP and remade the wallpaper and it worked, I have no idea why.

will mark as solved, if you are on the beta please ensure that you check the G+ community for bugs