Scrolling animations don't work

i tried several themes, but they all don't seem to work. Phone is huawei p9 lite

Hi! Thanks for the video, so, i see you are using Nova, please check the following:

  • Set a normal image as a background (not KLWP, just a picture), ensure that the picture is larger than your home screen
  • Check if the image scrolls
  • If the image scrolls try to set KLWP again

If this solves your issue please ensure you are running the latest version of Nova because it was an old bug solved a while ago.


Hi Frank,

I'm having the same problem and have followed the steps in your latest comment.

But still no luck and am using the latest version of nova.

Ps. Using the Huawei P9

Hello. I have the Huawei Mate 9, Android 7, using the lasted version of nova but no scrolling animation.