Scroll not working

I think its not work in huawei honor 6x, its can't change display when I swipe the screen, please tell me if im wrong. Thanks....

Your device is supported, please check the FAQ article, in particular:

Wallpaper is not scrolling!

Please ensure that you have "background scrolling" enabled in your Launcher settings, for example, in Nova, you can find this in "Settings -> Desktop -> Wallpaper Scrolling". Then ensure that the image you set as background is larger then your screen (if you cropped it to screen size it wont scroll because there is nothing to scroll). Finally ensure that the number of screens in your launcher have the same count as the ones on the preset you are using.

It is still not working

I am getting frustrated. I am trying since last two days.

I am using honor play with nova llaunche

  • I know this reply is late but the problem still exist after 4 years
  • I experienced this and so I started checking out other launchers. Right now I'm using Action Launcher. It's not as customizable as Nova and some of the shortcuts are missing like the drawer shortcut which is only available with gestures. In the event wallpaper stops scrolling in action launcher. Go to your gallery. Pick a big enough wallpaper and enable scrolling. If the wallpaper scrolls, go to KLWP and load your wallpaper. I hundred percent guarantee that this will work.