Scroll animation speed not updating

I have an image that is animated to scroll with the background. When the phone is put in landscape mode, I want it to scroll at a different speed.

I am using a formula to do this: $100 - si(land) * 90$. In previous setups this has worked perfectly, but for some reason in my newest project, this doesn't work.

Going from portrait to landscape the scrolling speed stays the same, until I go into KLWP itself, go to the formula in question, open it and confirm it, then save. Only then does the scrolling speed change. The same problem arises when going from landscape to portrait.

It's not a problem with my device, the screen orientation changes properly. I set up a text box simply showing $si(land)$, and that updated just fine.

What happens if you open KWGT/KWLT in that orientation and press save? Does it update the results correctly? I'm having a similar experience with the outputs of formulas updating at intermittent intervals.

Yes, if I save in a certain orientation the formula updates properly.

I have exaclty the same problem.
KLWP v3.42