Screen turning black?

Hello, I started using KLWP and found some Persona 5 themes for it. Then I started mixing them together to make me my perfect theme. But sometimes (really often actually) my screen turns black and often even doesn't recover so I have to shut it down a d restart it. Since I'm a noob in KLWP I don't know where i should check for this issue.. My screen only turns black when i use KLWP (and yesterday it turned black when i wanted to change my wallpaper through an app from the play store)

I used KLWP together with Nova Launcher

My Phone is a Google Pixel

My theme: MEGA Download Link

Use the theme with 3 home screens
Please check it out and tell me if you also get a black screen and how i fix that!

This is not normal, can please email me at [email protected] so i can explain you how to send me some additional debug data

I already checked some things and it seems like this is a problem of my Google Pixel. Going to change it at the Shop i bought it. Thanks Anyways,

Ah ok, please let me know if it gets fixed, turning this into an answered question then

I'm facing the exact same issue with the same theme. I'm on a Moto X Play myself. Have you found a solution?

Are you running on 3.25?

Yes. I'm running on KLWP Pro 3.25b715214.

Actually, I just installed a newer version of that theme. If the problem still persists, I'll update you.

If that happens means the service is crashing,

To better investigate the problem i need a full Android bug report from your device, in order to do so you will need to do the following:

  • Ensure you are running the latest version of the app (check on Play Store if there are any updates)
  • Enable Android Developer options as described here
  • Enable USB Debugging in the developer options
  • The button "Bug Report" should become active
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Go into the dev settings and press Bug Report
  • Generated file might be big (>10MB), send me that via email [email protected] please refer to this thread!

I have same problem,please help me