Scrambling widgets

I seem to have run into a bug, when I load a preset/saved widget, the preview scrambles itself. For example, I have a clock widget with a banner wrapped around it, when it scrambles the banner becomes a giant "g" . I would appreciate help to remedy this as it is ruining my widgets.. Many thanks.

This happens if you clear cache of the app or something is doing that, do you have anything who could clear Kustom cache while running?

Thanks for the reply..

I don't have any cache clearing apps installed. I've looked all through my widgets, as far as I can see it just this clock widget affected. The widget was made by someone else, then I've edited it a bit, I have different variations of this widget, most seem to be scrambled.

When it happens, I load a preset/saved clock widget, initially it looks fine for about 2 seconds, then it'll scramble and auto save by itself.

Interestingly, when I save the clock widget to my home page, it looks fine, it's just a bit of a pain as I can't really work on this widget in the editor when it's scrambled.

None of my other widgets are affected, it just seems to be the banner element of this one that transforms itself into a "g", the rest of the clock widget elements seem ok.

Think I've had a breakthrough, it seems the original creator of the widget used font packs that aren't pre installed into KWGT.

One of the font packs is "KG Flavor and Frames Five", I've downloaded this pack now, and when I open the clock widget in editor, it seems to display itself correctly.