Scale image to 'fit screen'

I'm sure this feature isn't implimented yet but it would be cool to have an image fit the screen simular to a wallpaper would on a computer by stretching it to the screen rather then having to set it to scroll page or by just seeing the middle of the picture.

You can already do that by doing the following:

  • Add a Rect Shape
  • Select Width and set it to a formula, as formula write $si(rwidth)$
  • Select Height and set it to a formula, as formula write $si(rheight)$
  • Go to FX -> Texture and select Bitmap, use your Bitmap, scale as you like

Well for a vertical picture sure but most decent backgrounds are landscape. When a landscape background is used with this function unless scrolling is enabled which i'm not trying to use, the only part of the picture shown is the middle of it.

Random example used for test:(landscape 1920)

Ok but if its landscape how should it be scaled then?

I'll compare it to setting a background on windows. So you could choose the stretch reguardless of the size of the image. The two examples below are to demonstrate that it does this function reguardless of the aspect of the picture. Anyway, this is what I think should happen when it's scaled.

Vertical image source example: