Saving error, Music issues, Notification access on S7

I recently got a Galaxy S7 and when, I try to do certain things some errors occur.

When I press save, KLWP freezes up but applies the wallpaper still

The popup for "Missing Requirements: Notification Access" shows up and when I press fix it freezes, even though in my system settings I have notification access allowed.

And when I try to use music controls,it wont work. Neither on Souncloud or Google Play. Doesn't pause/play, show track or artist info, or cover art.

My device info:

Samsung GS7, 6.0.1, KLWP Pro, 3.19b623409

Hi! This is pretty strange, so, when you click the "Notification" requirement Kustom tries to open the activity with notification access settings, if it shows that it means that it has no access to notifications. Can you try to reinstall it? Also, are you on a multi user environment? Google Play is a good test because it HAS to work in normal situations.

I assume you were using the beta, this has been fixed in latest build, if not please let me know (P.S. for beta bugs please use the G+ community or leave the beta if you need a stable release)