Save the value of a variable

Hello, I would like to "save" a variable, for example, the alarm date into a gv for when the alarm is past, get the value of last alarm. It's possible?

No this is not yet possible you can store globals only on touch, there is no even based parser right now, i might add one in the future in an "event" tab but i am not totally sure yet

I need hardly to manipulate gv's in run-time, too. Right now only touch event is able to do it. This is the one missing thing prevents me from create more complex cool stuff.

Cause of on Touch Event it works, should not be too hard to implement it?

If it would work by an Event Tab or a command like gs(gv-name, value) is not so important for me, most important is to have the functionality.

So please please implement it!

Another feature request: I would love to have the timer events to be implemented by an own event handler tab similar to the touch event .

Ok, and thank you very much for this extremly cool tool (both kustom widget and lwp). Searched a lot and ths is themost powerful widget/lwp engine on the marked.

Aah, some feature request: Would it be too hard to make touching an element on the preview window selects it? X-Mas would be to move elemts by drag them around the prewiev window.

Last feature reest: would it be possible in Kustom Widget to force updating a text holding element when the content of the element has been changed?

Thanks again