Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2/Two Screen Phones: Select and Apply Unique Presets for Each Screen

I would like the Ability to Select Unique Presets [KLWP, KLCK, KWGT] for each screen on my foldable/dual screen phone.

Currently, for example when using KLWP if I select a preset on my huge inner screen (that's designed for this larger screen), apply it, when my Z Fold 2 is closed, the smaller outer screen does display the selected preset but it is very tiny and almost unusable.

UPDATE APRIL 9, 2021 on my Original Request/Idea:

To Clarify, I would like the ability to use a totally different/unique preset on each screen. Not the ability to automatically resize one specific Preset that gets displayed on both of the inner and outer screens.

I would like to add on to this that it's not just for the folds too that this would be useful. As I have a fold three and there are other new phones released with multiple screens