RSS Image Get

Welcome, I have tried to get image from post via Atom channel,but it does not work. I didn't find any syntax error. What's going on?

$wg("", rss, 0, thumb)$

I have checked the feed and it looks like it has thumbnails, did you save the preset and waited a bit? Is everything else loaded (like title and content)?

Yes, I checked everything before sending this problem. It seems very strange. When I delete one random of letters in link, it is starting to show Loading...

But where it's correct link, I just something like that:

Other elements, likeTitle or Description, is loading properly.

If it shows the image URL then its fine, you need to use that in a Bitmap as a formula, so add a "Bitmap Module", select the "Bitmap" option, press the calculator and then use the thumb there.

It is not showing URL of image, and I still don't know why -,-

Next version will have a much better support for images, please get 3.26 once out, the beta with the new parser will be out today or tomorrow