Round function not working on latest beta

The rounding function does not seem to be working on the latest beta. It worked previously.

I can’t seem to reproduce this. Can you provide us with specifics so can investigate this further? Do you have a sample we can check?

Here is the formula that I am using.

$mu(round,wi(press)02.95301).01$ inHg

I am converting the pressure to inHG. It used to round to 2 decimal points. Now I get something like 8 (at the moment it is displaying 29.71999931 inHG)

Hope that helps.

if you want 2 decimal places, I suggest you specify it in the formula. Something like:

$mu(round, 2.858284, 2)$ Will round number to 2 decimals

In your case, try:

$mu(round,wi(press) * 02.95301 * .01, 2)$ inHg

Thanks for the suggestion - and that works!

It does seem that this beta introduced different behavior…

Yeah so the latest version will remove any padding zero from numbers automatically, i need to check how to fix this