Rotate on loop animation is 200% broken

If I make a animation with a rotate on loop with center being module center, if I move the object it will keep rotating around the original point. Even if I delete the animation, the animation keeps playing. Please fix this, as it is VERY annoying.

EDIT: sometimes if I reload the editor it will fix itself.

Are you sure you are on latest release of Kustom?

Yes. This demonstration is in KLCK, but this happens in all Kustom apps.

Hello, I noticed this error too in KLWP v3.40b920610!

If I move an object with rotation on, it'll try to rotate the entire object around the previous location instead of the new location, making the entire object move around wildly on the wallpaper instead of staying fixed where it was supposed to stay.

However, this bug only affects the preview inside the editor, once the wallpaper is saved the rotation works fine in the new position, and when the KLWP editor is restarted it looks correct in the editor too.

So it's a pretty minor issue that just makes it hard to reposition spinning objects in the editor, I guess.

A workaround until the bug is fixed is to just remove the rotation animation from the object, then reposition it and then add the animation back, to make it easier to position correctly. I haven't actually tried it, but I assume this would work.