Rotate animation bug (?)

I’m pretty sure this is a bug, unless it’s a technical limitation.

I’ve been trying to create a moveable control panel in a theme. The panel consists of button images inside a Stack inside an Overlap Group, and each image has a touch action. When I animate the Overlap Group and move it, it will work as long as I don’t change the orientation. So a panel moved from left to right or up and down continues to function. A panel whose animation consists of a rotate (from vertical to horizontal for example) stops working. All touch actions in the panel cease reacting.

Image at start. All touch actions work until #2 is pressed.

Position of panel after pressing #2. At this point none of 1,2 or 3 will respond to touch.

I can use the top-right button to reset gv to 1 and all touch functions start working again. If it’s not a bug, any suggestions for workarounds? It just occurred to me that if I put each button in an individual overlay and only move them vertically and horizontally then it might work but that’s a lot of extra effort it there’s an alternative.

This is a bug, as a workaround you can create a stack group with 3 transparent shapes with the touch actions in the same position of the icons rotated 90° , and remove or make it always in the layer of the stack group with a global switch linked with a touch action in the same icon that rotate the items, this to prevent some accidental touch in the transparent shapes.

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Thanks, that’s certainly a possibility I hadn’t thought of, although I’m not sure it’s much less work than making the individual buttons separate and animating them. I’ll give it a try. Either way it’s nice to have working options but possibly Frank will add it to his list of desirable updates.

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