Retrieve the publish date of a RSS post


I'd like to know how is it possible to retrieve the publish date of a RSS post.

I already tried the $df("hh:mma", wg("", rss, date))$ formula but it doesn't work. Also checked the WG: WGET, retrieve text, rss and other content from HTTP links FAQ and tried the $df("hh:mma", wg("", rss, date))$ formula but it only returns the actual time which is on my phone.

Already asked for help on r/Kustom and on the Google Community but no one replied. Hope you can help me.

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This looks like a bug, moved to problems and will check

Is it fixed yet?

No, its open, i have checked your feed and the problem is that the feed you are using does not have any publishing date, so the only thing Kustom can do is try to replace that with the last modification date of the HTTP header which is a workaround. So the issue is not really on Kustom.

Frank can you please check, the standart $df("hh:mma", wg("", rss, date))$ alo only shows my phone time and note the rss publish date.

Also i notice most rss now put the date on <pubDate>, can we call that date too? Whats the formula?

That pub date is the "item" pub date not the feed pub date, i have added an option in next release so you can use $wg("", rss, 0, date)$ to get the first entry publishing date. Cnet feed also does not have a publish date tag for the feed.

Next version will use first article publication date as feed publication date if the feed pub date is not given. Marking as fixed.

Actually this is also a good workaround, will fix this using item pub date if feed pub date is not there, thanks for the suggestion.

I am facing a similar issue with the History feed. I am not able to get the published date of the item that I am fetching.

$df("yyyy", wg("", rss, gv(itemnumber), date))$

it is showing the current year.