Restore phone defaults

I have a pocophone. After installing KLWP and "Super Notch", and using some custom presets, I didn't like none, and I'd like to go back to default pocophone style.

But couldn't make it with KLWP "history of changes" feature. Tried uninstalling everything, didn't help.

Tried hard reset of Pocophone, still didn't help. My clock under upper left of screen (left of the notch) is not appearing anymore.

How may I return my phone back to "original"? Even hard reset didn't help :'(

I think that your problem not have nothing to do with Klwp. Klwp is a live wallpaper, when you change the wallpaper for one that you want in your phone, Klwp not show more, and Klwp don't have access to the System UI to change anything. I think that your problem is related to the "Super Notch" mod.

Thank you for your great support. Indeed I also used super notch, but I thought it would be just a bunch of "custom .klwp themes" and would not change anything system related.

May you know how I can contact super notch developer to ask same thing to him?

Meanwhile, I could return my theme back to original using default "Theme" app, and choosing the classic (original) version.

Thank you in advance.

I don't know how to contact him, I can't help you in this. Maybe you can search in the web or in Xda Developers page, normally this type of mods are in the forums of Xda.


Thank you so much for your help.

Best Regards,

You are welcome.😃👌