Repeating calendar events stopped working


The results for repeating calendar events stopped showing up if i try to get them via a1d. One time events for the Same calendar are still working with the formula.


setting a birthday for tomorrow - it is showing fine.

let the birthday repeat every year - nothing is showing. However, i can see results when using ci(title, a0, 1) instead of ci( title, a0, a1d).

Thanks for the help,


Hi. I've also recently noticed that repeating All Day events don't show on the actual day in my Events komponent, they're visible up until the event date then they disappear. Birthdays, as you mentioned, plus other events that are All Day and repeat. I did some testing and found that a single all day event showed as normal on the day but when I changed it to repeat in my Google calendar, it disappeared from my komp. As far as I can tell it's only All Day events but I'll do some more testing and see if it affects other repeating events.

I'm on KLWP v.3.57b, Pixel 4a on Android 12, and use Google Calendar.


I have reported this also from Feb 16, 2022 I have noticed, Events show up till yesterday and stops showing on Present Day, was working fine till last month. I have long emails and discussions and waiting to solve this as I depend lot on Calendar on KLWP. I am on Android 11, Oneplus 6T. with all updates .. Google Calendar as one Calendar app and all Calendars were selected. tied KLWP v3.57b, 3.58 also.