Repeatedly setting kustom as my wallpaper

I am wanting to go pro with kustom, unfortunately when i set kustom as my wallpaper it does not remain set. It will typically stay during the period I'm using it a t the time, but next time i use my phone the old paper is reset. I'm on a Nexus 6P running Oreo and Nova on an unrooted device. Thanks for your help. The app seems amazing!

Hi! If wallpaper is reverting than it usually means that some external app or the launcher is doing so, are you super sure there is nothing that could change the wallpaper automatically?

I don't have any idea what apps would be able to do that. Is there a permission that i should look for?

I'm having the exact same problem with the same device. I don't have any apps that are set to change the wallpaper and no settings have been changed in Nova or Kustom. I've used the same setup for over two years now and this is a new problem.

I've got the same problem. I recently had my phone repaired and it came back with Nougat installed. As I'd had a few problems with WiFi on Oreo I've stayed with Nougat for now. However the KLWP presets are constantly reverting back to the default wall and I have to keep resetting. This happens with Messenger, Photos, File Explorer, Google Now, Chrome. In the past it used to revert with Es Explorer but now it's affected by nearly all the apps I use. Should I update to Oreo?

I'm on the latest KLWP Play Store version, 3.29, and use Nova Prime. Thanks for any help!