Reminders show as alarm

Since the upgrade to Pie (I'm on Samsung, OneUI) the alarm code also shows reminders that have a time condition. In general, that wouldn't be much of a problem but since alarm in KWGT is bugged already (OneUI) and by adding 5 minutes it displays correctly but the reminder doesn't have this problem so it's either alarm or reminder that displays correct and the other one will always display wrong. I mean, it's kinda important for that two information to display right so the alarm widget in KWGT in Samsung OneUI phones is completely broken. Is there anything that can be done, will there be an update that solves this issue or is KWGT not useful for anything about the alarm on newer Samsung phones anymore?

Obviously this is something that Samsung did, but it does impact many Kustom users. So I was wondering if in an upcoming version of KWGT you might be able to build in some "pre builds" that help to address this? Like maybe the code to only look at alarms happening in the next "X" hours? This might help to turn the icon off if we don't have an alarm set for the following day or morning?

Also, it does appear that the stock system alarm icon can tell the difference. So maybe there is a flag or criteria in the phone that KWGT can use to differentiate between alarms set by the clock and alarms set by the reminders?