Remaining events / back to back events

Hi, i want to know how i can show number of today's remaining events. Also if i have back to back events, the second in row event show up after the end of first. How can i fix it? Thanks in advance!

I think i found a solution to the first problem. My code:

$tc(ell,if(df(dd, ci(start, 0))<=df(dd), df(EEE hh:mm, ci(start, 0)) -  ci(title, 0), No event),36)$

Hey Boiz 👍 you have the count of today or whatever day,in ci(ecount)today events, and ci(acount)today all day events.

If you want the count of today events you can use this formula

$if(ci(ecount,a0d)+ci(acount,a0d)=0,no events,blablabla)$

I think that if you want to add a sign in one statement you need to add it like this

+"-" like

ci(start,0)) +"-"+ ci(title,0)

I don't understand well your other question(I'm not speak english very well 🤣😂)

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